Our Philosophy

The Princess and the Sunflowers is influenced by Unitarian Universalist and Montessori values. Through giving children an example of a peaceful world and how to manage many different social situations they are empowered to create that world as they grow.

  • This book sets an example for a peaceful world. Through this book we are showing a diverse world in which people can have differences and still get along. The interactions throughout the book are respectful.

  • We show it’s human nature to want to explore and learn. This book promotes the idea of lifelong learning, even from the earliest ages.

  • Learning is an interactive experience and all kinds of education and learning is valuable. Learning is not limited to the classroom, discovery happens everywhere. Everyone has skills and knowledge to share whether they are formally educated or not.

  • We support the imagination through events based on real life. The Princess and the Sunflowers is based on true stories.

  • Every person deserves respect. The characters in the story have their differences and disagreements, but nobody uses disrespectful language.

  • Nature deserves our respect. The natural world is very important to young children. They are discovering the amazing things happening all around them for the first time. Learning about and interacting with the natural world teaches children why and how to care for it.

As we publish this book, we would like to thank all people who work hard to unearth racism, white privilege and religious divisions in our society and world at this time when we so desperately need more peace, more understanding and more compassion.